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 Ben and Rebecca Are Back!


Number six in the Ben Candidi Mystery series is now available! Released on October 8 at the Bouchercon 2015 mystery convention in Raleigh, NC. Author Dirk Wyle will participate in the panel, "Crime & Mystery meet Conspiracy, Science & Medicine," October 8 at 2:30 PM.

A working vacation in Yucatán, Mexico is derailed when Ben Candidi (Ph.D.) and Rebecca Levis (M.D.) discover a ritually sacrificed body, which they investigate using their scientific and medical knowledge and their growing understanding of hieroglyph language and ancient Mayan rites. Was engineering student B’alam Chuc truly innocent? And is it now time to get out of Yucatán?

“From traces of Mayan glyphs, wisps of their history and mythology, and from the fiber of their present-day culture, Dirk Wyle has spun an incredible yarn.” —Steve Glassman, author of Cities of the Maya in Seven Epochs, 1250 B.C. to A.D. 1903 

Available from your local retailer:  

Softcover ($12.45) ISBN 978-1-56825-189-9 available by order from your local retailer and at Amazon.comBarnes & Noble.comBCHCreateSpace, and other online retailers
EPUB e-book ($3.99) ISBN 978-1-56825-190-5 available at Kobo.com and Amazon.com/Kindle e-book ASIN B015WN6DR8


Dirk Wyle is the pen name of Duncan H. Haynes, Ph.D., a 30-year veteran of biomedical science. Commercial success of his drug microencapsulation technology enabled an early retirement from the laboratory and medical school lecture hall, allowing him to focus on his passion for literature. 

Believing there are no stone walls separating the realms of popular science, serious literature and mystery/thriller fiction, Dirk Wyle creates exciting but realistic stories that play out in all three arenas. 

Dirk does not regard work and play as necessarily separate activities. Scientific reading and travel to exotic locations inspire new stories. Visit www.Dirk-Wyle.com


And the New Age Fiction WINNER of the International Book Awards Is . . .


Murder on Easter Island: A Daniel “Hawk” Fishinghawk Mystery by Gary D. Conrad, author of the award-winning The Lhasa Trilogy and Oklahoma Is Where I Live


Rainbow Debuts Its First Young Adult Fiction: BETWEEN  


A YA ghost story, Between is a first for both Rainbow and Texas author Dora Hilburn. Set in the quaint seaside Florida panhandle town of Apalachicola, BETWEEN is a sweet coming-of-age novel that features introverted Anna Riggs, who has just inherited an old Victorian home from her great uncle Archie. She and her archaeologist dad begin an 8-month-long restoration project—with plans to sell the old house when it’s finished to pay for Anna’s college tuition. Normally shy Anna makes a few local friends and discovers a handsome ghostly inhabitant of the house. Denise Getson, author of Dry Souls, says, “In Anna, Hilburn has created a heroine who is real and relatable. One moment heart-warming, the next moment heart-breaking, BETWEEN movingly explores the wrenching choices Anna must make when she discovers love in the unlikeliest of places. The seaside town of Apalachicola provides a beautiful and haunting backdrop for this otherworldly coming-of-age romance.”


Casey Holden is Back!

Robert Downs has worked his magic once again with the second in his Casey Holden, Private Investigator series. In Downs' newest release, Graceful Immortality, smart-mouthed womanizer Casey Holden is hired to solve the murder of a young dancer at the Virginia Dance Company. What he discovers is an industry more cutthroat than he imagined and suspects with more than enough motives to drop one dead dancer in the back corner of the nearest parking lot: Lusty lovers past and present, dancers young and old, an owner eager to keep her dance company in the black—and more than one person who would like to feed Casey to the fishes. To learn who killed the dancer and why, he’ll have to stay ahead of the VBPD, execute an end run around a medical examiner fond of fiddling with more than just medical records, match step for step the dance company’s less than cooperative staff, and deal with an unexpected, unsolved murder from the distant past. J.A. Kazimer, author of The Fairyland Murders, says, “Fans of Travis McGee are in for a treat as Robert Downs’ latest book, Graceful Immortality, delivers every bit of suspense, mystery, and femme fatales in bathing suits one expects from the genre McGee made famous. Casey Holden is a smart, smooth-talking PI who grabs the reader in a stranglehold and doesn’t let go as the twists unfold. Murder might be first on his mind, but sex isn’t far. So slather on the sunscreen, squeeze into those leg warmers, and prepare for a fun, wild mystery reminiscent of the late, great John MacDonald.” 

The STARRED Review goes to False as the Day Is Long: A Keegan Shaw Mystery

webassets/frontcover-rgb.jpgLibrary Journal is one of the book industry’s leading prepublication review vehicles. Getting a review in LJ is a real boon to a book’s promotion, but a starred review means they’ve deemed a book “the best of the best.” In the May issue of LJ’s Mystery column — a Mother’s Day feature — reviewer Teresa L. Jacobsen told readers, “Don’t miss the secret-keeping mother in Sandra J. Robson’s twisty debut, False as the Day Is Long.” Following the introduction came the issue’s reviews, including a starred review for False as the Day Is Long! It reads:

“Almost on a lark, Floridian freelance photojournalist Keegan takes on a sleuthing assignment and finds her subject more complicated than expected. Abby’s daughter, Sunni, has asked Keegan to follow Abby to London. Secretive about her past, Abby has been acting suspiciously and Sunni thinks London might be where her birth father lives. Believing she’s on a paternity hunt, Keegan soon learns that Abby was party to an unsolved murder that claimed her roommate’s life back in 1966. Abby might be seeking closure for a terrible chapter in her life, but now someone else wants to eliminate her entirely. Keegan is caught up in a swirling scene of jealousy, long-simmering hatred, and folks on the run. VERDICT One woman’s search for her past threatens those who were left behind. Robson’s effective use of twists and turns is nicely paced and introduces an engaging protagonist with plenty of her own skeletons in the closet to explore. More Keegan, please.”

Because the book begins with a character searching for her birth father, we’ve put the ebook of False as the Day is Long on sale for 99 cents on Amazon.com (all countries) for the week surrounding Father’s Day. The eBookBargainNews folks will be doing an email blast (because the book received a starred review) on Wednesday, June 12. The sale runs until June 19, around 5 p.m.

Protecting Your Family's Assets in Florida (Second Edition) by Largo attorney, featured in November’s SCENE Sarasota
webassets/FrazierFrontCover.jpgProtecting Your Family’s Assets in Florida: How to Legally Use Medicaid to Pay for Nursing Home and Assisted Living Care is featured in the December 2012 issue of SCENE Sarasota, “Southwest Florida’s longest running, most established civic, social and business publication.” The review was featured and recommended in Dr. Ryan G. Van Cleave’s book review column, “Literary Scene,” on page 95.

"In Florida, private-pay costs at nursing facilities can exceed six thousand dollars per month," says Frazier, a Largo attorney who practices in the fields of Elder Law, Medicaid Planning, and Veterans Benefits Law. "Many families cannot afford to pay such excessive amounts — which can total more than seventy thousand dollars per year. The Florida Medicaid program can offer a solution to the high cost of nursing home and assisted living care. But Medicaid has such strict asset-and-income limitations that most people believe it can be used by only the very poor.

"Fortunately, the U.S. Congress and Florida law provide opportunities to help families receive financial assistance through Medicaid and protect hard-earned assets. With proper planning, even those whose assets and income greatly exceed the limits for Medicaid can qualify for benefits." webassets/BetsyschoiceRGB.jpg

Whether planning for a family’s future or in immediate, desperate need of lawful answers for the reader, a spouse or a loved one, Protecting Your Family’s Assets in Florida can help. Written in easy-to-read language, it provides examples for the most common Medicaid scenarios faced by families in Florida. Complete with a glossary that defines terms specific to both Eldercare law and applications for Medicaid in Florida.

The new edition includes all the information found in the first edition, updated, as well as an update on the Florida powers of attorney; an expanded Veterans Benefits chapter; a life care planning chapter; a new chapter on alternative housing choices, another way of protecting assets; a new chapter on the role of geriatric care managers and how to select them; a new chapter on how to select an assisted living facility (ALF); a new chapter on how to select a nursing home; a new chapter on psychological aspects of aging; a new chapter that warns consumers about the unlicensed practice of law in Florida; and, a new Florida Medicaid managed care update.

Advance review copies are now available to reviewers and the media by request from Betsy Lampe at rbibooks@aol.com. John R. Frazier, J.D., LL.M., is available through his website, http://www.estatelegalplanning.com/

Individuals can buy the book in trade softcover, as an EPUB Nook and Kindle ebook or by calling 1-800-431-1579 (BCH Distribution, which accepts all major credit cards and is an Ingram-approved distribution company). To order from a bricks-and-mortar bookstore, request ISBN 978-1-56825-129-5.

Rainbow’s Pro-Aging Book, Eavesdropping, Featured in October SCENE Sarasota

webassets/eavesdropping.jpgIn October, SCENE Sarasota featured an entire page (p. 88) on Eavesdropping: As Real Women Talk About the Gifts and Challenges of Aging by Stuart, Florida Psychologist Kendra T. Brown, Ph.D. SCENE is “Southwest Florida’s longest running, most established civic, social and business publication.” The review was featured in Dr. Ryan G. Van Cleave’s column, “Literary Scene”. Dr. Van Cleave wrote, “Dr. Brown's book is full of honesty and wisdom about the process of aging. That's why it’s the only new book I’m writing about this month rather than the two or three I normally cover. It deserves the extra space and attention. . . . ” 



Rainbow’s Books Garner 3 Gold Medals and 4 Silver Medals in Competitions

 It's been a busy awards season for Rainbow and its authors: The Lhasa Trilogy by Gary D. Conrad received two Gold Medals (one for Visionary Fiction, one for New Age Fiction) in the International Book Awards and a Silver Medal for cover design in the FPA President’s Book Awards. Congratulations, Gary. Visit Gary’s website at www.GaryDConrad.com.

Hiking the Continental Divide Trail: One Woman’s Journey by Jennifer A. Hanson received a Gold Medal in the eBook category of the FPA President’s Book Awards. Congratulations, Jennifer. Visit Jennifer’s site at www.HikingtheCDT.com.

Blinding Pain, Simple Truth: Changing Your Life Through Buddhist Meditation by Richard S. Ellis received a Silver Medal in the Meditation/Relaxation category of the Living Now Book Awards and a Silver Medal in the Self-Help category of the FPA President’s Book Awards. Congratulations, Richard. Visit Richard’s website at http://RichardSEllis.com.

Protecting Your Family’s Assets in Florida: How to Legally Use Medicaid to pay for Nursing Home and Assisted Living Care (Second Edition) by John R. Frazier, J.D., LL.M. has received two Silver Medals (one for Florida Adult Fiction, one for eBook) in the FPA President’s Book Awards. Congratulations, John. Visit John’s website at www.EstateLegalPlanning.com.

Rainbow Author’s Debut Novel Wins Two International Awards

webassets/IBAwinnerearthimprintJPEG.jpgJPX Media Group in Los Angles, CA revealed Gary D. Conrad’s book, The Lhasa Trilogy, as the winner in both the New Age Fiction and Visionary Fiction categories of The 2012 International Book Awards. Over 300 winners and finalists were announced on May 23, 2012 in over 100 categories covering print, ebooks and audio books.

The Lhasa Trilogy is the heartwarming story of how the life of an Oklahoma man becomes inexplicably intertwined with that of a Tibetan monk. Together the unlikely pair, joined by fate, embark on a journey across space and time to push aside the veil that conceals the hidden secrets of death. The book is set in rural, Depression-era Oklahoma, WWII Iwo Jima, post-WWII Japan, as well as Tibet, India and present-day Oklahoma. webassets/LhasaTrilogy.jpg

webassets/GaryDConrad.jpgThe Lhasa Trilogy is Oklahoma native Conrad’s debut work of fiction. He and his wife Sheridan visited both Tibet and Japan to research details for the book. “It is my fondest hope,” says Conrad, “that The Lhasa Trilogy will increase awareness of the cultural genocide taking place in Tibet at the hands of the Chinese, and that it can be a catalyst for change.”

Conrad’s publisher, Betty Wright of Rainbow Books, Inc., says “The Lhasa Trilogy is truly a fascinating work of fiction. We are thrilled but not surprised by the two wins. As fellow Oklahomans, we discovered a meeting of like minds, and Gary is now at work writing his second book for Rainbow.” webassets/bettygood.jpg

Lhasa Trilogy is available as a jacketed hardcover, a trade softcover, an ePub ebook and a Kindle ebook. It reached its publication date on June 1 with an impressive list of prepublication endorsements.

A complete list of the winners and finalists of The 2012 International Book Awards are available online at www.InternationalBookAwards.com.

Two Rainbow Titles Make the Finalist Cut in Global eBook Competition

webassets/GEBA12.jpg Rainbow Books, Inc. is proud to announce that the book trailer for the ebook editions of Falling Immortality (see the trailer at the top of the page) by Robert Downs was announced July 5th as a finalist in the eBook Trailer category, and the ebook edition of Hiking the Continental Divide Trail: One Woman's Journey by Jennifer A. Hanson is a finalist in the Nonfiction Sports/Recreation category. webassets/FallingImmortality__2_.jpg

For the competition, 252 category-expert judges evaluated nearly 1,000 entries, in 101 categories, from 16 countries. Finalists in each category are published at Dan Poynter's Global eBook Awards. http://globalebookawards.com/2012-global-ebook-awards-finalists/. Winners in each category will be announced at the second annual award ceremony at the elegant U-Club in gorgeous downtown Santa Barbara on Saturday, August 18. The star-studded cast for the award event includes keynoter actor/author Marilu Henner. The entire event will be simulcast worldwide at http://globalebookawards.com/awards-ceremony-2012/

webassets/Hiking.jpgRainbow Books, Inc. now always produces both an EPUB and Kindle edition of every print book they publish. Readers can use either the physical reading devices (such as a Kindle or Nook device) or they can download free Kindle, Nook or Adobe Digital Editions apps for their favorite devices.



New Rainbow Pro-Aging Title Receives Jim Lehrer Endorsementwebassets/eavesdropping.jpg

 Eavesdropping: As Real Women Talk About the Gifts and Challenges of Aging by Kendra T. Brown, Ph.D. in collaboration with "The Pages" has received an excellent endorsement from Jim Lehrer of the internationally known PBS program, The News Hour:

"This is THE book for mature women and those in anyone’s life—including my own. The understanding and advice about everything from traveling alone (demand a good table at a restaurant, stay in bed and breakfasts) to dealing with profound loss (sometimes means liberation, don’t be a victim) are truly words to live by. Onward!"

Eavesdropping is self-help, pro-aging book for women of all ages, written by a psychologist who specializes in anxiety and depression, stress management, and sports enhancement through clinical hypnosis. webassets/KendraBrownRGB300.jpg

"Millions of women who shaped our nation are now leading a wave of aging adults," says Dr. Brown. "These women started the sexual revolution, marched for civil rights, broke the glass ceiling, ran for President and went to war. They could — and did — do it all. So, why have many of these capable women stopped thriving mid-stream, as if everything worthwhile is behind them?"

Dr. Brown asked a group of interesting women to meet with her regularly and examine this perplexing question. Their meetings over three years became sources of support and empowerment for the members as they pondered topics of love and loss, obstacles and opportunities, surprises and sticky situations. The book offers the reader an opportunity to "eavesdrop" on their meetings.

Advance review copies are now available by request from Betsy Lampe at rbibooks@aol.com and are available in trade softcover, as an EPUB and Kindle ebook.  


Rainbow Author to Discuss 21 Aldgate on Luxurious Queen Mary 2

webassets/Friedberg.jpgArrangements are being made for passengers to "Meet the Author" of 21 Aldgate, Patricia Friedberg, at a coffee hour to be held during the QM2's Transatlantic crossing from New York to Southampton, England. A signed copy of 21 Aldgate is already available in the QM2 ship's incredible library, aking for good reading while on board.

Once in England Patricia Friedberg will meet with Blue Badge Tour Guide Rachel Kolsky, who features 21 Aldgate in her literary tour of the East End. webassets/21AldgateRGB.jpg

21 Aldgate is character-driven historical fiction set in pre-WWII London’s Jewish East End and fashionable Chelsea, as well as in Germany and France. It is a fictionalized story of the relationship between the artist, Paul Maze, and his young married assistant, Clara, during and after the writing of his memoir of WWI.

First and foremost, 21 Aldgate is about a place in time, a place that no longer exists except in rapidly fading memories. It tells a story of class distinction, people and their traditions, a family and its fate, a country and its fight against fascism, and a woman with a secret she must take to her grave.

Visit the book's new website: http://www.21Aldgate.com for updates on Mrs. Friedberg's UK and Florida appearances.

Advance Review Copies of The Easy Ones Now Available

webassets/FrontCoverJuraska.jpg "Homicide Detective Jack Jeffries can smell a bad case, and he thinks this one stinks," says Illinois author Charles P. Juraska about the main character of his debut police procedural mystery, The Easy Ones. "Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Sam Weston is the go-to guy for tough cases, and Jeffries is bugging the hell out of him about the Heath case—a case the police department wants closed.

For Sam it’s a simple case, a gift actually—the easy case requiring little time in an overloaded and backed up case file. But after years of working with Jeffries, Sam knows that the often irascible and always cantankerous detective has keen instincts for ferreting out the truth. webassets/JuraskaRGB.jpg

At first blush the case seems simple enough. While making his rounds at a local research center, a security guard surprises a thief rifling through files. The intruder panics, guns are drawn and fired, the security guard is killed instantly, and the intruder is critically wounded.

Weston’s wife Mary, a part time journalist, thinks the facts are too neat and easy. She decides to do some sleuthing at the research center in the hope of uncovering something, anything, that would validate her as an investigative journalist and result in her byline on the front page of the local newspaper — including exposing a chemist dabbling in zombiism.

But the solution of this case will also require the aid of a gung ho army sergeant who finds solace in booze while being forced to finish his career as an army recruiter, a young doctor who attempts to stand up to Jeffries’ steam-rolling tactics, and a former thug who now makes book while being a short order cook in his own sleazy diner.

Along with everyone else, two detectives, who would rather play golf than catch criminals, aid in solving what really happened that night the security guard was killed—and in proving the case to be anything but easy.

Advance review copies are now available by request from Betsy Lampe at rbibooks@aol.com and are available in trade softcover, as an EPUB and Kindle ebook.

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